3 Most Underrated Elixir Enriched Fruits


Most of us believe the myth that it’s only an Apple that keeps the doctor away. However, the fact is that, relishing few scoops of these top 3 underrated fruits, will not only waive away your medical bills, but will also let you meet your daily dietary requirements at one shot, and rather, prove out to be an unexpected elixir of life!


Yes, if you are planning for an effective and a fast weight loss, then Bananas are the best for your diet regime. Forget about the raging myth that bananas are fattening, here are some of the reasons why you should definitely and daily eat bananas:

• Bananas contain high levels of tryptophan which readily converts into serotonin and thus help you get a happy mood brain – the happier your mood, the more efficiency in doing everything!
• It’s essentially loaded with Calcium (preventing bone diseases), Vitamin B6 (stronger immunity) and High Potassium (a salt-free way of preventing heart diseases).
• Rich in antioxidants – which takes care of your skin and removes all sorts of toxins from your body.

Amla (or Indian Gooseberry)

Recent medical studies prove that, eating one Amladaily can even prevent the risk of cancer!
• It is a heavy booster dose of antioxidants and Vitamin C, that none of its competitors can provide at a single shot. These two ingredients in Amla are potent enough to give you healthier hair, nourished skin, flushed out toxins and helps in removal of free radicals.
• It balances the stomach acid and also keeps your liver healthy.
• Your brain responds better and works much efficiently.


Often considered to contain only water, this tropical fruit is loaded with punch of nutrient power. Not only does it taste amazing, it’s also imbibed with these magical potions that no other food can provide:

• Lycopene content in Watermelon, checks your cardiovascular health by promoting vasodilation and reducing oxidative stress.
• It takes care of your bones and joints by improving the activities of osteoclasts and osteoblasts cells and retaining calcium in your body.
• Besides it being a powerful antioxidant, the Citrulline content in Watermelon directs your body to create less fat and thus regular intake of watermelon reduces the content of accumulation of body fat over time.