4 Celebrity Inspired fashion tricks that would spruce your style up


It has often happened with each one of us, and probably everyday – “hey, I have got nothing to wear today!” And in a mess of wearing something out of the box, quite often than not, we usually land up wearing something disastrous. However, there is always an opportunity for making up for everything. Check out these celebrity inspired fashion styles that can never go wrong.

Overhanging Jackets

Whether it is Priyanka Chopra or Anushka Sharma, we have seen time and over again these shining stars wear stylish jackets on their shoulders. It doesn’t really matters if you are wearing a skater dress or a simple pant with a sleeveless top, walking on the streets with overhanging jackets on your shoulders would certainly catch up everyone’s attention.

The Jumpsuit Summer look

Fashion trends from the 70s are still up in trend and nothing can keep you cooler than a pure- cotton summer dungaree or a jumpsuit. It’s always wiser to wear a neutral- toned jumpsuit rather than the confusingly printed shades, as the latter may give an illusion of a huge body if mismatched imperfectly.

Picking up printed tops and bottoms

Prints can be a little tricky if you aren’t an experienced fashionista. When you are wearing prints, try using same tones for both bottom and top wears. A flowery print will best follow if you are planning to wear a skater dress. Prints types will also depend on occasion. Never wear prints if you are planning to go for an athletic look or going to approach a classic ball party.

The sunnier side

A bold yellow or a neon shade aims to give you that fresh and chic look. When you wear these bold colours, try to keep everything with the same tone – right from shoes to head wears. This spring summer season don’t forget to pick up a bright yellow coloured short jumpsuit paired up with a waist belt and a flat shoe to look casual yet classy.