4Classic Novels so beautifully presented, it may change the way you think!


Many a times you have come across stories where that ‘special incidence’, changed the entire thought process and life of a person. Such remarkable instances and experiences stay throughout your lifetime and whether you are a bibliophilic or not, reading these 4 novels can greatly influence the way you think:

1. The Giver by Lois Lowry

It is a story of the protagonist, Jonas, who started his life as a screwed up and a scared boy in a hypothetical society. Later, how he turns up to be a risk taker, take stands for his community and accepts the new responsibilities, is worth to get inspired from. Also, the two – folded mysterious endings, keeps up the vibe of this book.


2. The Road Less Travelled by M Scott Peck

As a psychiatrist himself, Scott uses his experiences and explains through generosity about discipline, the nature of love, religion and grace- as a part and parcel of life. How these four ‘roads that are less travelled’ helps one to face any suffering with pride is the main idea of this book.


3. Sophie’s World by JosteinGaarder

Though to be true, reading this novel needs a philosophy’s mind, Sophie’s world is a fiery book about western thoughts. It digs out the greatest philosophical concepts in a thrilling way, where the main protagonist Sophie and Alberto, apart from having philosophical interactions, also deal with the mysterious and troublesome Albert Knag, who is equipped with godly powers.


4. Play It as It Lays by Joan Didion

Though the novel can be accredited as a perfect Bollywood stuff, the highly visual prose style of the book, would keep you enthralled. The story is about an unfulfilled actress who finds true love within her only daughter, Kate, who is suffering from a mental ailment. She is ditched by men throughout her life, and her abortion made her mentally shattered. Later, she was eventually forced to rely on drugs. Still, how she recovers and fulfils her duty as a mother is a turning point of the novel.