5 Weight Loss Myths that you need to avoid right now


If you are putting on too much weight and planning to give a kick start to a weight loss regime, then before you start taking all those pains and hardships, you must know and avoid these biggest myths about weight loss in order to achieve better results.


  1. Know about your calorie sources

If you are keeping a track of your calories through a fitness app and counting those calories according to just ‘numbers’, then you are probably doing it all wrong. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways and are processed differently. For example, protein calories give a boost to your metabolism and are waived off well from your body, on the other hand, fat and carb calories takes time to get rid of.

  1. Weight loss is more about will power

Don’t be shocked if I tell you that a man weighing 105 kg can do more ‘non-stop zumba dancing’ than a lean person. So, it’s not necessary that obese person cannot exercise for long- it’s all about your will power and how crazily you want to get rid of your excess body fat and become slimmer.

  1. Carbs are not necessarily bad every time

While foods like burgers, soft drinks and others which consist of high amount of refined carbs can undoubtedly increase your calorie intake and help you gain weight, low carb diets, on the other hand, can essentially help you lose weight instead. When you start your exercise regime, you cannot totally rely on proteins for your energy. For that instant energy kick, you need low carb foods that essentially come from stuffs like whole wheat, fruits and others.

  1. Diet foods are not so less fattening

If you are impressed by the labels which read as ‘gluten free’ or ‘fat free’, then you must know that not all ‘junk free foods’ are actually healthy. These labels are nothing but marketing tactics for which you pay more and still get fattening paybacks. Just remember the golden rule that, ‘the more the bragging about a product, the less effective it is’!

  1. Believe’ in the change of your eating habits

Do you know that even thinking about all those relishing foods can actually contribute in gaining weight? Therefore, when you plan to enter the weight loss world, you must not only practice being healthy, but also think everything healthy. When you feel hungry, try not to crave about a cheesy burger, but instead think about the health benefits of a whole meal instead. The faster you accept that healthy foods aren’t health foods, but an elixir for your body, the faster you would be able to enjoy actual weight loss results.