9deceiving DIY ideas to make your small room look big


Though God has gifted you with those unsatisfactory room dimensions, you can definitely feel un-suffocated andsense the essence of happinessevery time you enter your room by bringing in some obvious, yet some out of the box changes to it. Here are the 10 most cost effective and DIY tricks that will help your small room look bigger, almost instantaneously!

1. When you paint your room, or add drapes, or perhaps choose the furniture for your room – make sure they match to a single tone. Using the same colours will give your room a deceiving look of being bigger. The same shadeblends in, thus widens your space.

2. You must choose light and neutral shades for everything in your room. Dark colours don’t only give you a negative vibe but also lessen your room size visually.


3. Use space saving ideas as much as you can, for decorating your room. For example, you can use a sofa cum bed or perhaps declutter your wardrobe under your bed, to save space.


4. More the mirrors in your room, the more does your small room look bigger. Though according to Indian Vaastu, mirrors in your bedroom can bring in negativity – but to counter it, you can always cover them while you sleep.

5. More often than not, try to keep your windows open and let them be de-curtained to bring the vibrant sunlight in. This creates a sense of depth and cheerfulness to your room.

6. While talking about the floors, you can choose to give them a striped design so that your room seems to look endless.

7. If you need to add shelves, tables and other such furniture to your room, try implanting those that are made up of glasses. The see through effect gives the deceiving view of an enlarged room.


8. Don’t put a heck lot of furniture or unnecessary stuffs in your room. Instead of putting up multiple pieces, try using a single large one, like a big bed or a giant couch.

9. We understand that you love your belongings, but it’s a wiser decision to dump your unused stuffs to your storage room and if you do not buy a store room, implement some space saving storage ideas to make your room clean, elegant and bigger.