The secret of dressing for your body type


It has often happened with many of us that a particular dress that looks fab on the model, turns out to be an utter disaster when we actually try it for ourselves. We need to understand that each woman has a different body type and we all can equally look beautiful if we follow some golden rules of styling and dressing according to the body type.

First of all, you need to be aware of your body type. Body type doesn’t means that you have to count on your height or weight, but what actually matters is, the ‘shape’. Here are the secrets of dressing according to your body type:

dressing for your body

  1. The Taylor Swift or Banana Shaped Body

banana shaped body

Just like the rectangular shape, women with Banana body have their weight equally distributed over and below the waist. Women with a banana shaped body generally have an athletic body type with toned arms. Experiment your look with wide legged pants, high waist styles, overhanging jackets, full skirts and waist belts.

  1. The KareenaKapoor or Apple Shaped Body

apple shaped body

Women with an apple shaped body have most of the weight above the hips, and your assets are your‘legs’. If you have an apple shaped body, then deceive your looks by making your body look elongated. Wear an anti-sagging bra that provides good lift and support. You can experiment your looks with V neck dresses, monochromes, flared jeans, empire tops and short skirts.

  1. The Kim Kardashian or Pear Shaped body

pear shaped body

For a pear shaped woman, your shoulders and your torso are your assets. If you can add some volume to your upper body, you will achieve your fashion goal. Opt for dresses that give a slimmer appearance to your hips (like A line’s), wear light coloured tops with dark coloured bottoms, strapless dresses, saris and adopt styles like ruffles and boat necks.

  1. The Beyoncé or Hourglass Shaped Body

hourglass shaped body

The favourite of all of us, the hourglass shapeconsists of shoulders and hips that are equal in proportion and a waist that is tiny enough to flaunt it out. Showing off your curves should be your ultimate fashion goal and it’s superbly fine to try out figure hugging dresses. Experiment your look with wrap dresses & belts, high waist skirts, skinny jeans, fish tail lehengas and gowns and lightweight styles.