Tips to follow for a healthy lifestyle


Open up the internet or travel anywhere – the fitness fever is getting viral. And, why not! Being fit and healthy makes you more productive, active, stress free, happy, full of life, less prone to diseases and live longer. Here some of the vital tips to follow for a healthy lifestyle:
• Hit for Cardio
There are two types of exercise – Cardiovascular and Strength. While Cardio helps you to do some actual burning, strength exercises help you to perform better. You must at least workout for 20-30 minutes per day- it can be moderate pace walking, jogging, running, aerobics, yoga or any other fat burn session. It’s best to find an activity you would love and not get bored of– it can be cycling, skating, trekking or anything that involves ample amount of physical activity.
• Veggies or Protein?
You can go lean as well as healthy if you transform yourself to a veggie diet for at least thrice a week. You can also take a diet rich in lean meat like white meat and sausages for rest of the days, but, the latter should be saturated fat free and nitrate and preservative free. Fish and fish oil is an ideal source for essential oils, vitamins and minerals.
• Take the Psychomatic Medicine
Human beings are social animals and going off-social can disrupt your nerve cells and happiness quotient. To free yourself from heart diseases and depression, make sure you share the moments of happiness and grief with your close ones.
• The art of having water
While all of us know that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, it is equally important to frequently pee to take off the daily toxic load from our body.
• Aiming for balanced meals
Start your day with a balanced breakfast and gradually lessen the quantity of your meals by night. The morning meals should be set in such a way that it should balance your blood sugar levels and boost you up with apt amount of proteins, carbs, roughage and good fats. Your dinner should be very light and spongy.
• Carbs with low glycaemic index
Each one of us knows that chocolates, pastries, sweets and beverages aren’t good for health. But, going completely without carbs can make you go restless and out of energy. Some of the carbs that would keep you active whole day and have low glycaemic index are: whole grains, vegetable, fruits, lentils and nuts.


Nothing is forever and no one can actually follow a boring routine for long. Therefore, we suggest allowing some cheat meals every weekend! Never stay on a same diet for more than 6- 8 weeks. If you change your diet after every 3 months, you will undoubtedly get better results.