Healthy Diet habits for a happy living


One of the best ways to have a firm control over your ever soaring medical expenses, weight and ill health is to have balanced and a healthy diet habit. To stay fit and be almost disease- free, here are the top 5 healthy diet habits that you ought to practice from today:

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  1. Inconvenience Pays

Those ‘Slimming’, ‘Sugar Free’ and ‘Fat Free’ labels on the store rack may seem lucrative, convenient and healthy options. But, the truth is that they do more harm than good to your body. Such processed and chemically loaded foods are low on nutrition and high on preservatives. Instead, always stock your refrigerator with farm picked and fresh vegetables, eggs, milk and lean meat for your daily diet.

  1. Check the quantity

Do you know the secret behind the long life expectancy of the Japanese people? Well, they just not eat fresh, but also have their meals in small quantities. Anything in excess is actually a toxic for your body. This definitely doesn’t mean that you need to just count on the calories! Instead, try focussing on nutrition rich foods that not only checks your hunger but, also builds for you a strong immune system.

  1. Have a breakfast like a king

A research said that 80% of those who are able to maintain a weight loss regime never forget to have a healthy and filling breakfast. Eating a nutrient rich breakfast keeps a check on your hunger throughout the day and hence you gain control over unhealthy food choices. The rest of the day, keep on taking small meals, at least after every 4 hours.

  1. Rely on just one liquid – Water

Do you quintessentially need a cup of coffee (with milk) or a soda or processed juices all throughout the day to keep yourselves active? Well, once you completely replace all your ‘other’ liquids with plain water, something miraculous will start to happen. Highly fit people tend to have at least 9-12 glasses of water per day at regular intervals.

  1. The ‘Right Foods’

Once you can strictly differentiate between the ‘fats’, ‘proteins’ and ‘carbohydrates’ and include them wisely in your daily diet plan, then you have already won half of the battle! An average person needs 45-55% of carbs, 25-30% protein and 25-30% of fat per day. The skill isn’t hard to achieve and you can also take help of apps like Calorie Counter to suggest you the right diet and a healthier way of staying fit.