3 Best Exercises for Weight Loss



Did you take the oath of shedding some kilos this year as a New Year Resolution, once again? Well, this time, let’s actually achieve our fitness goals with these 3 best exercises for weight loss that actually works:

  1. Lunges

Plain Lunges are one of the most effective weight loss exercises that burn a lot of calories. It targets muscles like quads, hamstring and gluteus.


  • Stand straight with your feet apart and place hands on your hips (alternatively, you may also hold some weights).
  • Put your right step forward and bend down to make a 90o angle between the front and the back leg, while keeping your spine straight.
  • Come back and repeat same with the left leg.
  • Do at least 3 sets with 10 reps.
  1. Burpees

If you have watched MTV Roadies, you must have seen the fun filled, but strenuous, exercise called Burpees. The Burpees are probably derived from Surya Namaskar and can target your chest, core and leg muscles at a go.



  • Stand with your feet apart and sit on your toes into a squatting position.
  • Now bring your legs back and push yourself on the floor, much like the plank position.
  • Now, jump your feet forward so that they lie about parallel to your arms.
  • Now, lift yourself up and jump explosively into the air, while raising your hands high.
  • Do at least 3 steps with 8- 10 reps.
  1. Squats

If you want that perfect figure, with the ladies out there, aspiring for an ever craving hour glass shape, then nothing can be more effective than doing squats. Doing squats in the right way can affect the core muscles drastically. While we can do lots of modifications with squats, here’s the basic form of it:

  • Stand with your feet apart, and hold weights towards your sides. Beginners can just hold their hands in front of their chest.
  • Now lift your heels to push the weight onto the heels and slowly lower your legs.
  • Keep your back straight and push yourself lower towards the floor to bring your thighs parallel to the floor.
  • Don’t forget to keep your toes in line with your knees.
  • Do at least 3 steps with 15-20 reps.