Corona Virus Lockdown- Ideas to beat your Boredom at Home


It has been over 10 days since the capital city decided to lockdown in order to control the spread of coronavirus, including closing all schools, ordering people to stay inside unless one need to leave the house to buy food or medicine and travel restrictions are also in placed and to maintain the social distancing.

Staying at home is very boring as we are unable to go out for meetings friends, no social gatherings which is effecting the physical and mental health of the people feeling all alone. Here are few amazing ideas to beat the boredom of days at home alone. Whether you are an office worker, a student, a stay-at-home mom or somebody else looking to distract this boredom thing, ideas for the whole family is perfect diversion that we hope will help you get through this crisis with a smile on your face.

Here is the list of few ideas:

  1. Bring out the true artist in you: Everyone loves music and nothing is more uplifting than music. You can learn to play an instrument, dance on music, sing songs together and encourage to write songs on your own. Also you can draw, sketch, paint and color, make hand – crafts and bring out the hidden talent with in you.
  • Try some new recipes: During the lockdown it might be struggling to find the ingredients which we usually buy from a supermarket. But instead you can try out some new recipe with the things you have in your kitchen and therefore you can come out with something your own incredible and delicious recipes!
  • Find a Book worm in you: Reading books is the perfect match if you love to read, know and explore new things and have stack of books which you have been looking to read for so long. There is no better time to start than now! Along with reading books you can also write your own books, articles and letters. Encourage your children to read story books which will help them in their reading habits. For a change you can also create books full of photos and walk down memory lane remembering happier times
  • Plant seeds: You can plant some seeds and watch flowers, herbs and vegetables grow in the coming months, and the growth of plants remind you that life is going on outside. Your home also looks great.
  • Play board games/ Balloon tennis: Board games are for life. You can set up a tournament which can last for hours and enhance competitive spirit in everyone. Balloon tennis is also an exciting game. Take two paper plates and a balloon. Each player take a plate and keep the balloon in air as long as you can. The first person let the balloon down will be the looser.
  • Practice Yoga: Yoga is the great exercise and is good for mental health. You can watch plenty of great videos streaming on YouTube and follow them. You can also encourage your kids to perform yoga and there are also yoga channels for kids which combine gentle yoga and can have good and healthy life.
  • Children can interview parents and grandparents: Have you ever try to know about your family history. So this is the perfect time you can call your parents, grandparents and know about their childhood, their children and children’s children and record them in audio. This brings us a chance to create comprehensive family history and a social contact with elderly people.

Spend lot of quality time with your family and have lots of fun.