Yoga The Ancient Art Form To Boost your Immune System


“Yoga” is a term derived from Sanskrit. Therefore it is an Art form that is born in India and is an ancient practice that brings mind and body together. Very healthy form that has come to limelight after several years, thanks to its promoters.

The main theme of Yoga is to help reduce stress, depression by easing out the pressure in nervous system. It engulfs on breathing exercises, meditation and poses design. It helps in mental and physical health stabilization.

Let us look out few health benefits of performing Yoga on a regular basis:

  • Body Flexibility – It is so common that when a machine is not put on use for several days, the functionality of it turns rigid, so as human body, if all the parts of the body are not mobilized properly it turns rigid ending up with pains and strains. Yoga Asanas eases out tension in muscles and tissues.
  • Strengthens Muscles – Building up of muscles and making it strong doesn’t require to lift weights as per Gim workouts. But few Asanas help relieve back pains, get rid of Arthritis and strengthens muscles adding up to the beauty of the posture with strong muscles.
  • Posture Forming – Perfect posture is something earned genetically is believed by many, but the truth actually lies in the amount of toning body parts like shoulders, neck, hip, stomach and thighs take. The tissues around these body parts need to be made flexible with Yoga Asanas. Every Asana has got a peculiar purpose and stimulates a particular body part.
  • Relieves from Joint Breakdowns: This is a common problem in elderly very often, joint cartilage is like a sponge; its fluids are squeezed out and new supply can be soaked up only when it receives fresh nutrients. Neglected cartilages can be damaged and broken if proper sustenance is not maintained.
  • Strengthens Bones: Lift up your own weight strengthens bones is the mantra of Yoga. Because of which many postures in Yoga are designed in order to lift your own weights. This slow process of strengthening bones refrains from fractures and in addition builds up and tones up muscular strength.

Thus Yoga is considered to be the ancient art form of India that works out as stress and strain buster adding up to good health and unnecessary weight gain or loss.